On Vegas: Summer Edition| Tips & Things To Plan for Summer in Vegas 2022

Welcome to the Fabulous Las Vegas! Summer time in Vegas is unmatched! From our scorching heat to lit entertainment at the Day Clubs, Night Clubs and Festivals, Vegas is a MUST for any summer time vacation. Here are my tips on what to do, where to stay, how to beat the heat and the upcoming entertainment options.

An interesting question I get pretty often is what to wear. For me it’s SUNSCREEN, shorts, tank tops, sandals, crop tops, hats and sunglasses! If your skin is sensitive to direct sunlight even with sunscreen you might wanna look into more moisture wicking fabrics, and light linens. Perfect time to whip out the summer dresses and incredibly light swimwear covers. If you plan on going to the nightclubs, think “upscale fashionable” no ripped jeans or sportswear. I’ve got a new video on the way on YouTube to go more in-depth in the standard dresscode.

Summer days are best spent at the pool, under the cabana or inside one of the resorts or shopping malls. Hydrate, hydrate, HYDRATE!. If you decide to brave the heat and want to keep DRANKING while you’re out I 100% recommend stopping at Fat Tuesday’s! They have one all over the place and if you buy one of the souvenir cups with your drink you can get a refill! Another incredible place to stop to cool off is Minus5 Ice Bar! Totally frozen inside from the cups to the couch, this is an absolute must stop!

Summer Vacationing in Vegas is always a great time, but if you’re looking to REALLY do it big make sure you come by for the 4th of July and Labor Day! We take the holidays and turn them into the most outrageous and spectacular events you could be a part of. Some more events to keep in mind are Day N’ Vegas, a hip hop and R&B music Festival than spans 3 days right on the Las Vegas strip with all of our hottest and up and coming artists. Life Is Beautiful takes over down town Las Vegas towards the end of summer and is a full on celebration of Life, Art, Food and community.

Check out my latest Youtube Video for all the details:

Here are the event’s happening this summer in the coming months:

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