2021 MTV Video Music Awards Rundown

This year’s MTV Video Music Awards was a BLAST! We watched the pre-show and the ceremony together live on my twitch channel! Let’s talk Pre-show and my red carpet fashion faves!


Ashanti looked incredible in this piece from the Michael Costello Havana Collection! And this may or may not also be Nick Cannon proposing…

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Dometi Pongo shut it down in this blazer for me! He’s a host with MTV and we’ll probably see a few clips of him around twitter interviewing our favorite artists on this carpet!

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Saweetie!! Absolutely stunning in this look! She has been keeping everyone on their toes gives us hits like Best Friend with Doja Cat, Back to the Street remixed with Jehne Aiko, My Type and so many more! I KNOW THAT’S RIGHT! Word on the gram is the Icy Bae is the latest MAC girl and global ambassador! Can not wait to see the greatness that’s about to come out of that collaboration! ๐Ÿ’Ž

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Halle Bailey came SERVING!! Every time I see her I holler Little Mermaid, but there is nothing little about the way she pulled up to this red carpet! I can not wait to see her starring in Disney’s The Little Mermaid set to drop in 2023.

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Even though we didn’t get this look from Chloe Bailey on the red carpet, I can’t talk VMA looks I love without mentioning it!Honey, she KILLED this one! She also gave us an incredible performance!

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Ozuna did NOT come to play with us this year. He also hit us with a performance:

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Leslie Grace, DC’s new Batgirl and 3x Latin Grammy Award Nominee made my jaw drop in this gorgeous draping dress and those SHOES! Like I said, this look was for me!!

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Laolu Senbanjo brings art to life in beautiful, incredible ways that has been putting him center stage across the entertainment industry (like Beyoncรฉ’s Lemonade) . He took this red carpet opportunity to use his unique art style and Yoruba roots to pay an extraordinary homage to September 11th.

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Shay Mitchelle, who I’ve been a huge fan of since the beginning of Pretty Little Liars came serving face and curves and I’m here for it! Always moving mom and entrepreneur, make sure you check out Onda Tequila Seltzer and Beis travel bags!

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I absolutely have to start my highlight section with Lil Nas X!! He served, he gave, he performed and I was ecstatic to see every second of it!

He ALSO took home Video Of The Year for MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)

Coming off the recent release of Cinderella on Amazon Prime, Camila Cabello absolutely killed this performance followed by Shawn Mendes who gave her the CUTEST shoutout on the red carpet.

Justin Bieber took home a couple awards tonight, including ARTIST OF THE YEAR! Here’s my favorite clip of his acceptance speech sending love to his beautiful wife and other artists in the audience.

Chloe Bailey took the stage solo this year to perform HAVE MERCY…and LORDT! I was glued to the screen.

Normani took to the stage to give us a live performance of one of my favorite songs of the moment, Wild Side!

We got to see Latto a couple times between cuts and when I say I was LIT OVER IT, that’s almost an understatement. She’s so much fun to watch perform, gorgeous and it’s the shimmer for me!

A super memorable moment for me, Doja Cat came out with a fully functional chair on her head. ๐Ÿช‘๐Ÿ’๐Ÿพโ€โ™€๏ธ

Here’s a link to the rerun on Twitch so you can catch up on the entire thing. Make sure to follow, and turn on your notifications so you don’t miss a stream! I had lots of audio issues, but you get all the visuals!

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