Hello everyone and WELCOME BACK to the Nikki On Vegas Blog! I am SO happy to be back and have so much to update you on! 

I have been away for a LONG WHILE and wanted to come back with an update on all things NikkiOnVegas. Last time I was here we were talking about my Disney+, Netflix, and Hulu favorites, What’s going on in Vegas, and how the death of George Floyd and resulting Black Lives Matter protests, national response and more was affecting me personally. So let’s dig right back in on all that plus what I’ve been up to since the last time we spoke…


We’ve definitely been on a wild ride. As a city built on tourism, we had a HARD time with the shutdown and now trying to re-build…but good news Vegas lovers – All signs point to a rapidly returning Vegas! It’s definitely different now, as we’ve got to do our part to keep everyone safe but it is still VERY Vegas. Social Distancing and masks are very much enforced and minimized capacity has been strictly followed. If you have any questions about a trip to Vegas, please send an email to for more info. It looks like this summer is bringing back a lot of our pool clubs/lounges! Reservations WILL be required for entry at every venue. Please contact your venue directly or reach out to me for further information. 


I started live streaming on Twitch during the Lockdown! I was BLESSED to find DJ Franzen streaming on Twitch (and the entire Framily) and a whole community of Black Girl Gamers and creators that inspired me to finally step up and get my channel started after years of wanting to get in the game. I now stream at LEAST 3x a week and have an incredibly friendly, welcoming, and loving community (The Framily) to thank for making it happen. Join us in MARCH on Monday 2PM pt for Makeup/Skin care streams, Tuesday 1PM pt for Gaming Streams, and Wednesday 6PM pt for an Amazon Prime watch party! I pop up as often as possible to play Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War in Zombie Mode and Stream Raiders with my community, so once you follow make sure you keep your post notifications on so you don’t miss a post! FOLLOW ME ON TWITCH


Now that I’m FINALLY back to the swing of regular blogging, I’m going to be proving content to keep track of my Twitch Streams, lots of beauty goodies, even more, entertainment segments, and of course MORE VEGAS! I like to stay socially distanced and home as much as possible so it’ll be more Vegas from a Distance content for a while but I’ll keep you updated on everything that’s going on. This year’s “28 Days to Pool Season” and “4 Week Fitness Countdown” have been canceled for safety reasons, but I’ll be taking the entire month of April to do an at-home fitness program with you leading up to my birthday! It’ll come with live chats in my discord for verified sign-ups, meal sharing, workouts, and a regular weekly meditation and mentality check-in!  
Thank you so much for rocking with me while I took a little break to figure things out, but I’m back and I’m better! See you real soon!

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