Now Streaming: ‘Legacies’ on Netflix Seasons 1 and 2

I love a good supernatural drama series. I was all in on the ‘Vampire Diaries’ for a while, and when the ‘Originals’ came in with what felt like a more “grown-up” storyline from the beginning, I was instantly HOOKED! It had everything I needed in a supernatural drama, but when that ended I was left in a show hole. How do you even follow up on that epic storyline, but thank the bright minds at CW they made it happen with ‘Legacies’.

With ‘Legacies’, we are tuning in to the life of Hope Mikaelson after the loss of her parents at The Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted ran by Alaric Saltzman who is firmly seated in our hearts from ‘Vampire Diaries’. Alaric is the headmaster of the Salvatore School and is looking after his twin daughters who are the last living members of the Gemini Coven. This is exactly the drama series I needed to check into during this quarantine. The Salvatore School is home to the witch, werewolf and vampire youth that are looking to gain control of their dark nature and learn to grow into what I imagine is their best selves with Hope a member of all three supernatural types (the tribrid) to tie them all together. It’s no easy task, as you can imagine. If you’ve watched the ‘Vampire Diaries’ and ‘The Originals’, why they chose to keep supernatural teenagers in Mystic Falls for their safety is beyond me as they seem to always be right in the center of danger at every turn.

I don’t want to spoil the series for you, because I want you to watch it from start to finish feeling as surprised and entertained as I was, but I do want to give a few parenting shout-outs before we try to sit in on this as a family. This IS focused on vampires and werewolves and not in a cute ‘Hotel Transilvania’ kind of way. There will be murder, blood, gore, and downright chilling storylines so I’d leave the really young out of the loop on this one if you keep them sheltered from that vibe. If you’ve seen ‘Vampire Diaries’ or ‘The Originals’ before you get a general idea of how this works in this show. It’s a bit more tamed as all the main characters are actually teenagers, so no Niklaus in his prime kind of violence and cruelty, but there is still lots of blood and violent deaths.

I am definitely a fan of season 1 and 2 now that they are both streaming on Netflix, and can not wait to see what’s next on season 3! Are you a supernatural drama fan? Let me know on twitter @NikkiOnVegas what you’re watching next!

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