The Women Of Las Vegas: With Love Reiki from Sheila

Meet Sheila Sclafani-Cook

As a Usui/Holy Fire® III, Karuna Reiki®Master, and a Seraphim Blueprint practitioner, Sheila Sclafani-Cook is a local treasure. Her path through Spirituality has connected her with Spirit and she is guided to support others on the healing path through meditations, classes, Reiki sessions or bringing others to the way of Reiki by teaching Reiki to them. With Love Reiki and Healing was founded to create a place where people can come to allow their soul to breathe. Through this time of Social Distancing, I’ve been getting my much-needed meditations and Reiki healing from her Youtube channel where we can all tune in at no charge and get regularly updated Reiki distance healing.

I first met Sheila through one of my Mom’s meditations at Enchanted Forest, and when I was going through a really confusing time in my life I went to her to get a Reiki session. To say it was amazing is an understatement! It was exactly what I needed to get me through that excruciating time. While she was working on my energy, she mentioned that she saw a child in my future. I was just going through a traumatic breakup, so I was SURE she meant far in the future…but she made sure to let me know she was a child in my future soon. Less than a year later, we were having my baby shower right in her office! That is one of my favorite stories to tell. The space she’s been operating in is absolutely beautiful, so once we are able to get together again for healing sessions I highly recommend that you go see her in person.

Sheila also keeps Youtube updated with light and love by uploading regular videos sending Distance Reiki to anyone who is open to receive. She also shares her knowledge of crystals and how to use Young Living Essential Oils! I am a huge fan of all things crystal related, and still have the rose quartz she gifted me from a few years ago! One of my favorite crystals to date.

You can get involved with Sheila by booking yourself a healing session through her online booking site, following her on social media @WithLoveReiki (Instagram, Facebook), and subscribing to her Youtube channel. You can also support her business through this difficult time by purchasing a gift certificate to be used once we are able to connect in person again.

Have you had the opportunity to work with Sheila? Let me know on Twitter!

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