Mask Monday: Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask

It is that wonderful time again where my skin is acting all the way out of control. This time it could be my horrible quarantine diet, stress, hormones, my 2-year-old touching God knows what then rubbing my face…the list of possibilities is endless. To combat that I’m going in the Mix, Mask & Hydrate 6 piece kit from Peter Thomas Roth that we got at an incredible value price.

Today, I am tapping into the Cucumber Gel Mask. It is an Extreme Detoxifying Hydration mask that is instantly refreshing (I keep mine in the refrigerator), cooling, and a moisturizing calming gel that helps soothe dry irritated skin. I’ve used this mask before, and know that it works wonders on my sometimes overly sensitive skin combination skin. I feel like my skin issues are coming from clogged pores and stress, so the detoxifying bit will really help me get to the smooth skin I just know exists underneath all this drama.

So, to start off I like to use a gentle cleanser to get any makeup, dirt or oil I might have on my face off so I can have a clean slate for this mask to do its thing. I like to use Argan Cleansing Oil from Josie Maran, it makes me feel super clean, removed all my makeup and does absolutely nothing harsh to my sensitive skin. If that’s not handy, my second choice before a mask is the gentlest option I can find which tends to be Beekman 1802 non-scented goat milk soap that is so gentle I use it on my 2-year-old. Then I’ll apply my mask and give it 10 minutes to work its magic.

My after mask care is just as important as the mask itself. Usually, when I’m developing skin concerns more than anything else it’s stress-related. Stress does crazy things to my skin, along with extra grease and blemishes I get excessive dry spots. This time, the dry spots were on my under eye and eyelid, an already sensitive area. To combat this, I cover the area with Josie Maran’s 100% Argan oil before the mask, then after the mask I hit that same area Pure Argan Milk which is her Intensive Hydrating Treatment. I’ll use the Argan Milk 2x a day for the duration of the dry spots. I’ve tried a few different products to help ease the itching and dryness in these areas but this is the only one I found that eases the discomfort and eventually clear it up.

This Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask is in my 911-Skin kit, but it honestly needs to be in my regular rotation. If it was, I bet I’d have less 911 level events! What’s in your Skin-Emergency kit? Let me know down in the comments!

Have you tried the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask? Let me know on Twitter how it went for you!

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