The Women of Las Vegas: Frances Urtaza with Angels and Energies

Meet Frances Urtaza

Frances Urtaza is a Las Vegas-based Energist, Alternative Therapy instructor, Nurse and Health Care practitioner of over 20 years. Caring for the communities she’s had the opportunity to be a part of has always been a huge driving force in her life. Frances works in the Las Vegas community both in the healthcare field and as an instructor. At times, she even travels to share her knowledge and skills with students across the Mid-west and West Coast. During this difficult time of Social Distancing, she has been using her available time and skills to hold free call-in meditations to help the community take a deep breath, get centered and cope with the stressors we are all facing while raising our vibrations and giving us the tools to keep our households strong.

That’s not all! This year, she has launched the Angels And Energies shop on Etsy! She has made it a hobby to share with her local students energized crystals, candles, and handcrafted jewelry aimed to raise your vibrational energy and aid you along your journey. This year, she plans to offer these same items to everyone through her Etsy shop.

Along with her monthly meditations and energetic share teleconference calls she was doing regularly before the current lockdown, she is continuing to open up her services to the world. This new venture is sure to catch on quick as she moves to the digital space. Make sure to keep up to date with her local events, free digital and call-in events and the opening of her new shop by following her on Facebook at Alternative Healing with Frances, on Instagram at AngelsAndEnergies, and sign up for her Email List.

She does all this and is still working regularly through this quarantine in the Healthcare field providing support to our community. Out of all the amazing things she continues to do for us all, last but not least, she is my mother, the first official sponsor of me as Ms. Nevada Regency International 2020 and always my closest friend. Want to keep up with her latest classes, sales, and news? Sign up for her email list and follow along on Facebook.


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