4 Week Fitness: Week 3

Welcome to week 3! We are at the halfway mark and moving past it with a FORCE! We’ve got this far and we owe it to ourselves to push through and finish these last 2 weeks. I am already SO PROUD OF US! Now is the time to lock in our rewards. Whether you are coming to party with me in Vegas for the opening of Encore Beach Club or splurging at your favorite local spot for a stay-cation, do it BIG! You have earned it.
This is a mirror of week 1. I think it’s important for our bodies to get at least a little comfortable with the movements we are doing so that we can get the most out of these workouts! Last year, we talked about fitness inspiration and the destructive energy I used to attach to fitspo and why I think I never really kept up with a fitness routine. For me, the energy and the attitude that is behind anything I do is HUGE. I am at the point where I chose, if something doesn’t vibe right with me, I’m just not doing it. I would DREAD doing the things that didn’t vibe right with me anyways and be miserable doing it and eventually quit or finish it with less quality than I deserve. That’s no way to live at all! And now that I move differently, things are so much easier to get started, and get FINISHED! I’d love for anyone doing this program with me to adopt the same kind of attitude so we can move through life and our goals with nothing but high vibrations.
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Plan on coming and celebrating your successful completion of this program? Book your stay with us right now! Planning for your reward puts your whole vibe in the alignment of already having earned it and propels you to finish the task at hand to get there. I’m recommending planning to come Thursday, February 27th through Sunday the 1st of March. I am recommending the Aria as our home base resort. It’s centrally based on the Las Vegas Strip and has everything we will need and is absolutely GORGEOUS. 

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See you for our last week! We are almost there guys!

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