4 Week Fitness: Week 2

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I am so happy that we made it to week 2! This is where we really start to test our commitment to ourselves! Can we stick through week 2 and finish the program? OF COURSE WE CAN! Week 1 was so much fun for me, and I am beyond ready for week 2. Are you?

Adding the Fitness Marshall back into my regular routine has done wonders for my mood. I could not love him anymore if I tried, and I hope you guys love him too! What I know we loved was the meditation days! I am SO glad you all vibed with that! Here is my favorite youtube meditation channel that I scroll through when I have something specific I want to be guided through. I also enjoy just putting on some relaxing nature sounds or Tibetan bowls and just vibe out. It took me a lot of time starting with guided meditations to get there though. You can read about my journey through meditation here.

Last week in my DMs, (which is a legit series I want to start because my DMs are WILD) I got a couple messages about soreness and some questions about the Meal Plan I provided with this program. Muscle soreness is a part of working out, but we can do things to help lessen the discomfort. Make sure you are stretching before and after your workouts. If you still feel stiff after the stretch, find another stretch video or keep gently stretching the part that is bothering you. Be careful to be gentle with yourself, and don’t overstretch! Some ice on the sore area helps and a nice cold shower! Back when I was working out every day in the Navy, different pre and post-workout supplements would help with soreness and recovery time. What’s crazy is NONE of the ones I used to use are available now. I am not currently using any pre or post-workout supplements since I am still breastfeeding so I don’t have any tried and true recommendations. I am SO pleased to hear that the meal plan I put together was easy to follow! We still have 3 weeks together, but getting your meal routine down early will make it worlds easier. Feel free to try out different snacks throughout the week so you don’t get bored repeating the same routine. Please hop in our Facebook group the Social Club, send me a DM or email if you need further guidance, tips, or just someone to talk to about how your husband is eating cookies right in front of you (so rude!).

Plan on coming and celebrating your successful completion of this program? Book your stay with us right now! Make sure you send me an email so I can make sure you’re on any guest list or table reservations we have for the weekend. Planning for your reward puts your whole vibe in the alignment of already having earned it and propels you to finish the task at hand to get there. I’m recommending planning to come Thursday the 27th through Sunday the 1st, or the next weekend Thursday the 5th of March through Sunday the 8th. My chosen hotel for the moment is the Aria. This is a full Luxury resort so all your needs will be met on the property, it’s gorgeous and right in the middle of everything.
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See you for week 3!

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