4 Week Fitness Program: Intro

Vegas has started to drop its Pool Season 2020 opening dates! In honor of the best time of year, pool season, I’ve decided to make some moves toward getting in shape! And, of course, everything is better as a group so I thought I’d share my Pool Season prep with you for the second year in a row. BUT, this year I thought I’d do a little extra and give you my Meal Plan to go with it, all for free! Sign up to join me here. Make sure you tap the 4 Week Fitness Program.

This is a free 4-week program where I’ll email you weekly what workouts we are doing. To keep this interactive, I’ll be posting in my Facebook group The Social Club sharing daily fitspiration, what’s helping me push through, and how I handle the tough days. I’m using this group to do everything I can to help keep you motivated to push forward and reach for these goals. I have every day of every week planned out for us including 2 “Rest Days” where we work on our inner selves with meditation and self-reflection. These workouts are all compiled of YouTube videos from some of my favorite YouTubers, and some I’ve newly discovered. I tried to keep every day between 20 minutes to an hour. You get the links for each week in my weekly email that you will get once you sign up for my email list. Feel free to join us at any time, and I’ll get you caught up.

This isn’t about being perfect or doing every single thing. This is about us doing our best to achieve our health and fitness goals together. Do as much as you can, when you can. I’m here with you every day, and I am DEFINITELY not starting from perfect. This pic is the results I got from this program last year! I was SUPER excited to feel fit and confident again after I had given birth to my son and spent that year not doing a single thing for myself. My before this year is very similar to my before last year because I slipped into not caring for myself as much, but I’m making a commitment to you and myself to work towards being healthier and comfortable in my own skin this season. That’s what this is all about, getting healthier and being comfortable and confident enough to be ourselves no matter what we are wearing!

To honor and reward our goals of moving towards a fit body, I’d like you to come to Las Vegas during the first week of March when lots of our pool clubs are finally opening! Let’s get together and bask in the glow of the bodies we just sculpted in 4 weeks! I highly recommend putting your vacation time in ASAP for Thursday, March 5th – Sunday, March 8th so you can get a full Vegas weekend out of it.  Bring your whole girl squad and book your hotel right now. You Will Earn It! And this will set you up to crush the rest of your goals for 2020.

Sign up for the Email Program so you don’t miss out on the FREE MEAL PLAN I’m including this year, your weekly workouts, rewards from our sponsors and more!

Make sure to join the SOCIAL CLUB on Facebook so you do not miss our weekly Live Video and extra inspiration. I’ll go live every Friday to chat about how the week is going, answer any questions directly and chat.

I’ll be posting on my Instagram story if you’re not on Facebook with daily fitspo, the Pool Season Countdown and I’ll be sharing a weekly recipe related to our free Meal Plan. 
Are you doing the 4 Week Fitness Plan with me? Did you book your reward yet? Let me know in the comments! Share this post with your friends & family so we can all get moving together.
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*DISCLAIMER: This post and plan are in no way affiliated or associated with any individual, company or business mentioned unless specifically stated. I am not responsible for changes in the schedule to any of the companies or businesses mentioned. I am not a medical professional or a fitness expert, you are working out at your own risk. Only complete activities that you have been approved to do by a medical professional. 

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