Vegas Vacation: June Travel Essentials *Pool Season Guide Men*

Suns out, guns out! Summer in Vegas is JUST as much for all the fellas out there as it is for the women. Here’s my list of travel essentials that I keep on hand and that my travel clients have been requesting so that you can have a smoother trip (or stay if you’re a local). When you are packing your pool bag for any occasion here is what you need to keep the day on a high note.

Pool Day Essentials:

A day out in the sun is one of the best ways to spend your Vegas Vacation! Whether that’s at the pool club, your hotel pool, or your own backyard, here are my favorite must have’s for every pool day.

🌟One thing I know about you guys is you do NOT want to carry a bag at all. Even though it is SO fashionable for you to have a messenger bag or even a backpack. 👀 Whatever, I’m not judging you, but I do want you to be able to keep track of all your things while still being able to hop in the pool and live your best life. The best solution is a MOSTLY waterproof drawstring bag.

This one looks like a gym bag, and not a tote and still has the room to keep your essentials in and keep your shirt and change of shorts dry. You can’t just toss it anywhere in my opinion because I think water will still get in from the top drawstring area. If you’re willing to go a little bit more fashion forward and take a sexy risk, I recommend this sling bag from Amazon. It is definitely waterproof and will keep your goodies safe and dry as long as you remember to keep it closed. And that whole cross body thing makes me think you do outdoor sporty activities and I’m here for it!

🌟Speaking of waterproof, keep a few of these waterproof bags with you for your electronics too. It can double as a to go wallet too and add your ID, cards, and money to keep everything in one simple place. A ziplock bag with the double lock or zipper works just fine too, and who cares who’s judging how fancy your plastic is.

🌟 Take care of that skin! Make sure you are COVERED in sunscreen at all times. The desert sun hits different. I burn when I forget sunscreen so no one is safe! Here is the one I got to try recently from Influenster that I have been keeping next to the door to apply before I leave.

🌟 Messes happen. I don’t know what it is about summertime and pool season that make random messes happen much more often. Maybe it’s just me and my love of life-sized frozen daiquiris…or everyone else in the city loving these and spilling them EVERYWHERE, but I have NEVER regretted being prepared. You need these gentlemen, keep those hands clean!  These wet wipes are my current go to and come in simple 2 packs that are small enough to fit in your wallet or a few in your new cross chest bag.

🌟Like I said earlier, the sun out here hits different. You have to protect yourself, especially if you’re planning on spending the day out in it. Keep your eyes protected with my favorite new line of sun shades.

These come in like 9 different polarized shade colors. They are gorgeous! Pick up a different color for each person in your squad!

🌟You will need a hat to protect your head and face from the sun as much as possible. Men usually keep a few ballcaps on hand but we have a rule here at the clubs about logos and sayings on anything so just to be safe, here is a plain ball cap you can add to your wardrobe.

Here is another for the flat billed culture. This hat comes in tons of colors so you can coordinate with your outfit, and you can always get it customized later on if you don’t love the blank cap.
This is it! Make sure you tag me on Instagram @NikkiOnVegas when you are lounging out at the pool or taking a day out on the town so I can see how you’re living your Vegas Life! And send me a tweet with your Vegas questions, comments, concerns. Send me an email if you are thinking about planning your Las Vegas trip and want me to help you make sure you’re at the hottest spots and have the best time. Stop by my HOTELS page to get special hotel rates sent straight to you from my hotel team. We get rates up to 30% off nationally advertised rates!

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