PODCAST: NoV Ep3: Good Vibes Only? What does that even mean? EDC Week In Vegas and MORE! SHOWNOTES

NoV Ep3: Good Vibes Only? What does that even mean? EDC Week In Vegas and MORE!

This week I take a question from Tosha on Instagram who asked about what Good Vibes Only really means and how that can be used in your own life. Make sure to listen to my “Get Your Vibe Right” segment to hear all about how I feel about this way of life and how it applies to my life in general.
Nikki’s Mix segment goes all into what I’m watching right now on Netflix:


Chambers is about a young girl who has a heart attack and needs a heart transplant to survive. Luck would have it that a heart from a girl nearby just became available…

This week’s Travel segment gets into hygiene while we are traveling and why you should replace your travel toiletry kit just as often as your regular toothbrush. Place your orders for your hygiene/toiletry kit while in Las Vegas right here:
Men’s Toiletry Kit
Women’s Toiletry Kit

Our Vegas Segment talks about EDC Week in Las Vegas and I really get into the dress codes that will be required to attend our typical nightclub and day club events. Here is a post that can really help give you a visual of what to wear at the nightclub for women: Las Vegas Style Guide. Watch this throw back video from my youtube page for more visuals for men and women about nightclub attire in Las Vegas.

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