Locals I Love: Angelic Frequency With Frances Urtaza

Welcome to my first edition of Locals I Love! This is going to be a weekly series I run where I will feature local people, businesses and services that are amazing, aiding our community and I think we should all know more about. To start this all off, I couldn’t think of anyone whose commitment to the community I admire more than my very own mother, Frances Urtaza!

Frances is a local Reiki Master, Seraphim Blueprint instructor, facilitator, divine channel, crystal enthusiast, and the worlds most amazing mother (and a cool Mom at that) just to name a few things she does. She has aided hundreds in our local area through meditations, energetic shares, teaching classes on the different modalities she uses and by being a sympathetic and understanding shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen.

Once a month, she gifts to anyone available a free phone in guided meditation and energetic share where everyone can call in and have a moment to unwind, relax and tune in to a higher frequency. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone who has been experiencing stress, blocks, or discomfort in their life to call the meditation line and either just sit back and listen, or when given the opportunity share what they wish to work on in their own lives so that the whole call can focus intention and energy on aiding you. It’s an amazing, relaxing experience that I use to help get myself focused on my goals and aspirations for the month. You can see when the next call is on her facebook event’s page.

She also holds mediations you can physically attend and teaches how you can run energies yourself at local spaces like With Love Reiki, Enchanted Forest Reiki Center and Anna Dabrowski’s the Healing Oasis. All of her events and classes can be found on her Facebook page, Instagram Page, and her new blog page.

Do you know Frances? Let me know about your experience in the comment section down below!

Have a local business YOU love that should be a feature? Send me an email about why you love it for a chance to get it featured in our next edition!

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