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Kid Friendly Vegas: Kangamoo

I have a one-year-old! Life is BANANAS! To celebrate my young King’s first birthday, we took him to Kangamoo indoor playground. Here’s how it went.

This place is HUGE. I was shook once I walked in and tried to find the bathroom through what felt like miles of padded kid-wonderland. I didn’t do too much exploring of the big kid area, and I made it a point not to go when they were having a special event but according to their facebook page, this place is lit! Every Thursday 4:30-5:30 they have a character come by and play around with the kids (perfect photo op), Wednesday is arts and crafts day 10AM-12, Balloon Animals and face paint every Friday 2-4, and Musical Story Time on Tuesday 10AM-12. All other times Mon – Fri 9am-7pm and Sat-Sun 9AM-5PM is open play time.

Now, back to my nugget. I think he had a BLAST! This was his first time playing outside of our home and having so many options for new things to touch. It was ADORABLE. His attention span is one thing at a time, so he honestly would have sat there happy as pie playing with a can of pretend peas. Security was nice! They have gated areas so you can’t easily get out of the children’s area and you get a stamp to make sure only you leave with your kid. The entire tiny toddler area was padded and had safe play things like foam blocks, some easy read books, rocking horses and interactive toys. It was so much fun watching my tiny human interact with other larger tiny humans. We will definitely be going back now that I am comfortable with the venue!

Parents bonus. If you have bigger kids that you are comfortable letting run around with a little less supervision, Kangamoo’s parent’s lounge is just for you. They have a workbench where you can set up your laptop and start crunching out some work, FREE COFFEE, a phone charging station, a snack bar, and MASSAGE CHAIRS! They even had a flat screen up with security footage of the play areas so everyone could keep an eye on their kids without being a hover parent (I’m a hover parent lol).

Some extra details. This is a shoe free facility. Once you walk in the door, you have to remove your shoes and walk around in your socks. There are plenty of cubbies to keep your shoes. If you are celebrating a birthday, no matter how small the get together is you HAVE to reserve a room. You can’t just bring presents in there without a reservation. It is about $250 for a reservation.

Kangamoo is located at 1525 E Sunset Rd #7 right across the street from that scenic spot you can park and watch the airplanes take off/land with the strip in the background. Very very convenient and easy to get to location. Super convenient if you are visiting and staying on the strip as it’s just a few minutes away. See extra details on their website.

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