Self-care: Mask Monday

Self-Care is not Self-ish

Self-care has always been a huge topic of conversation for me. I am a forever fan of people who take the time to check in with themselves to make sure they are operating at their best. It’s those who are able to replenish themselves that are able to give even more to those around them with less chance of extreme burnout. Now that I’m someone’s mom, I’ve realized just how real that is. If I’m feeling low energetically, physically, or emotionally it makes everything just a wee bit harder. For me, once things start to get tough, the easiest thing to push to the end of the line is self-care. This is the absolute worst thing we can do to ourselves. I know I’m not the only one who starts to put themselves last because “I’ll just get to it when I have time” but then we never have time… and we talk ourselves into this being acceptable because whatever else is so much more important and has to come first. If you’re anything like me, here’s some advice that’s changed my perspective: You can’t fill anyone else’s cup with an empty cup! 

It’s not selfish to take the time you need to ensure you are your best self and living your best life. What it IS, is vital for your health, your happiness, and the health and happiness of those you care for. So, let’s turn around putting ourselves last and start making self-care a priority. And I’m not talking the simple every day things like a shower – wine – coffee – wine… I’m talking extra luxury (and wine).
I have tons of things that I love to do when I get the time for self-care, but let’s be real. We all don’t have hours to devote to self-care every day…or even every week! And if we do find the time, we can’t all jet off to the spa to get a full head – to – toe rejuvenation. If I’m lucky I get like 10 minutes and that is definitely not enough time to leave the house. But 10 minutes is more than enough time to give yourself a luxury at home spa treatment that is going to leave your skin feeling fresher than ever.

‘Tis the season for everything Pumpkin…. falalalala….

I love everything about fall. I love the temperature that is supposed to come with the season (except in crazy Las Vegas where we are still baking cookies on the dashboard), I love the leaves falling off the trees, I love that everything Halloween is coming and of course everyone’s favorite thing to hate, pumpkin everything. I think it’s wildly creative to see what new things we can add pumpkin too, and of course, since we are talking self-care we are fitting pumpkin in the mix with our PeterThomasRoth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask.

This mask is perfect for tired skin. This is a mask/peel/exfoliator that gave me an “OMG I forgot my skin could look like this!” effect. I had 0 time today. Somehow everything piled up and I couldn’t get a schedule down right. Well, this mask only takes about 3-7 minutes. I can definitely fit 3-7 minutes into my day 2x a week to make my skin smooth, fresh and radiant!

So…How much do I love this mask? All the way! It smells fantastic. Like a fresh pumpkin. Not in a pumpkin pie way, and not in a carved pumpkin outside way either. Like…fresh delicious pumpkin! At first, while you rub in the product you get a tingly almost burning sensation I’m guessing is the exfoliators and the acid that somehow morphed my skin into this goddess-like appearance that looks like I have never seen stress a day in my life. There was no pain or discomfort, just a little tingle sort of sensation that let me know I had it on my face. That feeling only lasted for a few seconds. The color of the actual mask blended in with my skin tone so it wasn’t very photogenic, but let me tell you after I rinsed this mask off my skin was poppin! It is so smooth and literally radiant! I haven’t seen my face like this without makeup since before I even got pregnant. I am officially obsessed with this mask.

Peter Thomas Roth has become my “Fairy God Father of Facial Masks” of sorts. I’m going to be doing Mask Monday much more often and a LOT of them are going to include his masks. If you pick up his products on his website, or at Ulta, you will find one jar close to 60 bucks or more. Head over to QVC and get a trio for less HERE, you’re welcome. This is a purchase you will NOT regret. I have not yet experienced an at-home mask that felt as luxurious as this one EVER and can not wait to try out the rest of the ones we have!

Do you have a self-care routine? Let me know what you do to take care of yourself down in the comments!

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<3 – Nikki

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