A Day Outdoors: Mount Charelston

Beat The Heat

Casino got you down? Take a trip to Mount Charleston, breath the fresh mountain air and super double bouns get out of the crazy valley heat. If you are staying on the strip, it’s just a short 45min to an hour drive. I don’t recommend getting an Uber here because service is NON-EXISTENT up here, and I can’t guarantee you can get back. This is definitely a “Take a Drive” kind of trip. 

I love it up here because it is SO beautiful. It’s like a whole different world from the desert you have to drive through to get to Vegas and our natural habitat here. And the vibes are nothing like you get in the city. You can actually breathe up here. This day it was about 25 degrees cooler than it was in the Valley. 

If you come through on a day when it’s rainy or just rained up in the mountains, you will see waterfalls ALL OVER the place as you drive up the mountain! Be careful though, there are lots of hazards up here that are double dangerous when it randomly rains really hard. If you have a low profile car, you can definitely make the trip, as the roads we took were all paved.

This was my little guy’s first time being out in a little bit of drizzle and he loved every second of it! It mostly put him to sleep on the way up, so if you have an unruly child that won’t settle I fully recommend this drive just for the snooze effect.

Take a picnic with you to really take in the scenery and take a moment away from the wild vibes of Las Vegas. This area was right before Kyle Canyon Rd started going back down towards civilization. They have regular picnic tables, and a grill if you’d like to use. I recommend some bug spray or some kind of “Off” product to keep the creepy crawlies away because they were out in full force this day.
Do you like taking trips up in the mountains? What is your favorite thing to do out there? Let me know in the comments.

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