Why I Meditate & How You Can Get Started

I love meditation. My life has totally turned around since I started taking time to be still and turn inward instead of always focusing so hard outward. There’s no pressure to meditation, you can meditate for as long or as quickly as you’d like. You have no one to be accountable to, no one to impress, nothing to do but focus on yourself and take a moment for self-care.

I started meditating probably about 9 years ago (don’t do that math), but I didn’t start doing it regularly until the last 3 years. It gives me the time to STOP reflecting on the day, stop thinking back on things I could have done differently, stop planning for the future and just be present.

I practice some different energy healing modalities such as Reiki & the Seraphim Blueprint and use crystals and anything else that vibes with me to get in the zone. When I first started, I loved using guided meditations to “clear my chakras” or just talk me through relaxation and give my mind something to do other than bring up anxiety moments. But now I like to just put my headphones on to some nature sounds or the sounds of Tibetan bowls and just let my mind wander where it wants to. This is sometimes where I come up with the best ideas, or find out my real motivation behind different things I’m feeling.

Every month, Frances of @AngelicFrequency has a monthly Guided Meditation where she guides you through whatever the energy or topic of the month is. This happens via a free teleconference, so all you have to do is call in and bring all your friends who need to grab another moment of peace and self-reflection. If you have never meditated before, this is a beautiful and free place to begin where you can ask live questions before and after the meditation, and have discussions with others who are either just starting out on a meditation journey or long-time vets.

Are you into meditation? What are your best tips for a beginner? Let me know in the comment section.

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