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Mom Life In Vegas: Container Park

We had our FIRST EVER play date! One of the dopest things about Las Vegas is that there are SO many family-friendly activities. I didn’t even know about most of them until I became a mom. Our first date was at the Container Park, a place I thought was only for 21+. Turns out, 21+ is only at night from 9PM to close! 

 Visit Downtown Container Park

First things first, PARKING. It’s downtown so you can get “free” parking at places like Main Street Station if you plan on spending some money at their casino and validate your parking. For me, I don’t have a problem dropping some change in the machine right next to where I’m going. DON’T FORGET to leave the ticket in your window, and how long you paid for! They are QUICK AF to give tickets down here. Prices range from $1-$3 in the lots.

Ky and I – Babywearing with our CuddleBug wrap

I am just in love with this place. They have super comfy seating where there is a turf area for kids to play, or a picnic or whatever else you can imagine doing here. They have giant blocks and hula hoops. It’s crazy fun. There were LOTS of other kids and families here too. 

They also have a tree house climbing play area of my DREAMS! I want this exact thing in my backyard. It’s amazing and HUGE. I can NOT wait until my baby is big enough to play in places like this! I think I’ll have more fun here than he will!

It’s summertime so it’s hot AF, and there’s not much shade here unless you are inside a shop or restaurant. So, what they do here to keep us cool is have misters and fans all over the place to help cool down. It definitely made a huge difference. My current favorite place here is Simply Pure from Vegan Chef Stacey Dougan. I had a Pure Angel pressed juice and I’m OBSESSED! I’m coming back every chance I get JUST for this. 

Have you visited the Downtown Container Park? How did you like it? Let me know down in the comments!

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