The Suite Life: Top Las Vegas Suites

Las Vegas is NOT short on luxury suites and places to pamper yourself. Today, we are talking SUPER LUX! Here’s my list of top 4 suites on the Las Vegas Strip!

4.) Planet Hollywood Panorama Suite

                Planet Hollywood has amazing suites PERIOD. If you reserve a penthouse, it’s like having your own luxury apartment. This is a step below their Pent House suites, but is my absolute favorite! 180-degree view of the strip with EXACTLY what I look for when thinking about Planet Hollywood: Movie style décor!!! You could get James Bond style, Marilyn Monroe style, Batman or the Wizard of Oz to name a FEW! This is a one King Suite, so no more than 4 people in the suite, but for extreme comfort keep it to 2.  This suite can cost you anywhere from $230 a night to $1350. That is a crazy price for an amazing quality suite.

Parorama bed...omg
Panorama Tub W/View
PH Panorama View
PH Front View


3.) NOBU – Penthouse

 The Nobu Hotel is tucked away somewhere near the middle of Caesars Palace. The moment you step into their hotel registration section, it’s immediately a new feeling. Private elevators, so you know you will not be disturbed, and right next to NOBU Restaurant. The PentHouse is…MASSIVE! Multi-level, multi-room, and just flat out luxurious. Not only do you get their unique Japanise style rooms and decor, you also get exclusive access to room service from Nobu chefs…now this will come at a pretty penny $3100+ a night, and the room service is NOT included in this price.


 2.)ENCORE 3 Bedroom Duplex

               A resort from the Las Vegas Legendary Steve Wynn, the ENCORE is an entertainment hub made for the elite. This place made the list for their floor to ceiling windows with views of the strip and surrounding valley. Just….beautiful! Private massage/fitness room, billiard room, elevator to the second level…just epic. Each room comes with their own, wildly huge closets and private bath with “Rain Showers”…WHAT! If you have the disposable income…like 10s of thousands a night then do NOT pass up on this one. You will not regret it. 

Encore Duplex4
Encore Duplex3
Duplex Encore2
duplex Encore1

 Drum Roll Please……


               If you follow my blog…you know me. I like to party. And if my suite is next door to the party…well it just doesn’t get much better than that for me! The Bungalows at the Cosmo are 3 levels of…fucking awesomeness right next to Marquee with a view of the Dayclub pool area and Bellagio Fountains on the other side, and multi-floor private decks with kitchenette, bar and jacuzzi.  Perfect for the spring and summer months when the weather is warm (or scorching), and the festivities are popping off at Marquee. These babies are “reserved” for High Rollers, and can cost anywhere from $18,000 to $45,000 a night upwards. If you stay here, you HAVE to be a party person. It WILL be loud, every day and every night with the DJs from Marquee spinning and the party going all hours of the day and night. For me…it doesn’t get much better than this!

Cosmo Bungalow6
Cosmo Bungalow5
Cosmo Bungalow4
Cosmo Bungalow3
Cosmo Bungalow2
Cosmo Bungalow1

Have your own list of tops in Vegas? Leave me a comment down below.

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