How I Like My Cardio: I Don’t…

I Hate Cardio

I ran track in high school and I think that’s probably where I learned to hate cardio! Then, joining the Navy with excruciating PT that consisted, some days, of running uphill in humid weather didn’t grow my love for the heart-strengthening exercise. After the Navy, since fitness was no longer part of my job description, I definitely let cardio go for a while! Then I decided to enter the Pageant life and well, fitness became a regular thing again. Only I was NOT running, jumping, skipping any of it! After MUCH protest, I finally found the Fitness Marshall and I haven’t had a single problem keeping up with cardio once I get on a routine. 

Here is my most recent playlist:

In this playlist, we start with a Rihanna warm up and finish with a Zayn cool down. I love EVERY single minute of this Dance Cardio Get Down and can’t wait until I’m ready to step up to a new one. Or may I’ll just keep adding on to this one!

Make sure you stay hydrated all day long, not just during your workout. I like this bottle because it’s a constant reminder that you should be drinking water without having to use a cell phone app.

Let me know in the comments section how you did!

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