Crystals I Love: Hematite

My crystal collection is small, but it is mighty! Most pieces have been gifted to me, but a very select few I went out and searched for myself. Hematite is one of the stones that I ALWAYS have to have at least one piece of.

Right now I’m rocking a Hematite bracelet that was gifted to me.

I usually like a piece that has been made into a ring that I will wear on my thumb, but this bracelet has been around for the long haul.


Hematite is a dark color stone, I usually see it dark gray or black, which is used for grounding, removing, and blocking negative energy. It’s like the crystal Dikembe Mutombo. I like it because of the way the energy feels, and what I like to call it’s “Not Today!!” energy. To me, the vibes are smooth and earthy. This crystal helps me feel more connected and rooted in the moment.


I am an emotionally driven person. That makes me super sensitive to other peoples feelings, so someone else’s bad mood will kill my vibe faster than I can even ask what’s wrong! Once I started wearing hematite, I noticed that I was MUCH less affected by other peoples negativity/low vibrations and found that my own negative feelings would resolve themselves quickly. My only problem is I break these rings SO QUICKLY. I even tried getting a metal band with a hematite stone placed in it and I somehow broke that too! I’d like to think that it’s just because the stone is on the softer side of the scale…but I’m starting to think that I work these things too hard!

I usually pick up a ring when I need one at my local spiritual shop when I’m there for one of my mom’s classes. You can find a stone or piece of jewelry at your own local metaphysical shop, or online crystal store. For online shopping, I really like the Sage Goddess or the Hoodwitch.

Have a stone you love for protecting your vibe? What is it? Let me know in the comments.

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